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Our team accompanies you in your project in a global way.


Notice of value:
More than 15 years of experience in the Parisian market are at your disposal for a fast and accurate valuation.
We strongly believe that the value of a property is determined by the market and not only by past sales, so contact us quickly to discuss your project.  

<a href=''>Affaires photo créé par freepik -</a>Selling with Lokim:
Selling with our agency means taking advantage of our experience and our network to propose your property to active buyers.
Our team is in regular contact with our clients in search, but also with our colleagues apartment hunters.
We broadcast the properties we propose on our social networks, on niche or general public websites, in France or abroad.

Exclusivity ? no obligation, however it is the best way to highlight your property and make it stand out from the others.

Selling as a life annuity: an uncommon and fiscally very interesting solution for the seller with or without an heir.
The life annuity is a flexible solution allowing to improve one's income with a low taxed annuity, while taking advantage of one's heritage. It also allows you to optimize your inheritance tax through early donations. 

<a href=''>Vente photo créé par gpointstudio -</a>Buying with Lokim:
Our multilingual agents accompany you in your search for properties to live in or to rent.
From the search of the property, to the passage by a broker to negotiate your credit, to the rental estimate, these are only some of the services we offer.
Contact us for more information, work management - refurbishment, tax advisor to optimize your asset situation, movers, landscaping work, cleaning at the end of construction and more.

In short, for our team your project goes beyond the sale or purchase of your property in Paris.
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