Long term rentals terms and conditions

The apartments can also be booked online if you can’t visit it before your arrival. If so, feel free to ask for more pictures to your agent.

  1. How to reserve your Paris Apartment
  2. Securing / booking the apartment rental
  3. Rent and security deposit
  4. Agency fees
  5. Lease signing and check-in process
  6. Re-booking, extension or early termination of your stay
  7. Check-out

How to reserve your Paris Apartment (monthly or yearly rentals in Paris)

There are two easy ways to find and reserve a long-term apartment rental :

  1. Send us your requirements by our contact form (include dates of arrival, length of stay, neighborhood desired, number of beds/bedrooms needed, number of guests, and budget).
    One of our agents will send you the available options meeting your requirements.
  2. Browse our website for Paris apartments. The site enables you to request more details, photos or arrange an apartment visit (only for leases over 3 months). Make sure to reference the calendar which shows dates of availability (red denotes already reserved dates).

Note : Apartment owners determine the minimum and maximum length of the lease. Utility charges may or may not be included in the price of the rent.
These details will be clearly indicated on the apartment ad on our website.

Info about availability and advance notice :

Please understand that renters are entitled to renewal and can extend their apartment rental as late as 1 month prior to the end of their lease for student lease (9 months max) or any 1 year lease.
When searching for apartments over 1 month in advance of your desired rental start, please consider that more apartments may become available 1 month from your desired start date.
Consider as well as owners may not be able to confirm you availability and commit for a new lease, before this 1 month limit unless the tenant gave an early notice.

Exception : For less than a year stays (meaning the apartment is not the tenant’s primary home), the lease ends on the dates indicated on the signed document.
So owners or agent can then book the place more than 1 month in advance. Of course, we always check with the actual tenants if they are willing to renew or not their lease.

Advice : Let us know ASAP your arrival day, be prepared around 1 month prior to you arrival to visit your future Paris apartment or to book online.
If notices are sent before, we will of course let you know.

In need of a last-minute apartment reservation?

Finding yourself with only a short window of time to find an apartment?
Our agents are available to help you expedite the process to find and secure a short, medium or long-term rental.
Please send us all the details regarding your situation : date of arrival, length of rental desired, etc.

Apartment viewings :

Apartment viewings will be arranged only for stays longer than 3 months.
Viewing dates will depend on the apartment, owners / tenant’s, and agent’s availabilities. When you know your schedule, please send it to your agent ASAP so they can work around your schedule.
As soon as you’ve found your desired Paris apartment, please inform your Paris Be A Part Of It agent ASAP in order to start the booking process.
For apartment rentals of less than 3 months, a visit isn’t possible before your arrival. Therefore, your agent can provide you more photos of the apartment and is at your disposal to answer any question about the property.

Securing / booking the apartment rental

documents required : lease signing, fees and payments options

Once you’ve chosen an apartment to rent, rental agreements and other documents will / can be sent either by email or regular mail if you prefer, depending on the available time before your arrival.

Documents required to secure an apartment :

Ask your agent the documents required to book your Paris apartments.
Documents required may vary depending on the landlord’s requirements, length of stay, and/or your work situation (intern, between two apartments, workers, on a short, medium or long term assignment, etc).
Some documents requested can range from a simple ID, or can be as detailed as proof of your last 3 pay slips, taxes, guarantor letter or employer letters confirming income or rental payment by the company, etc.

Advice : if you already have some specific documents, please forward them to your agent who will put your file together for landlord approval.
If you don't have the usual documents or your profil is unusual or you don't have the minimum incomes needed, you may use our partner GARANTME to ensure your ability to pay the rent through a 3rd party. Here are the details Unpaid Rent insurance for tenants to secure owners.

Insurance requirements :

Proof of insurance is mandatory and the type of insurance needed varies for short-term and for long-term rentals.
Insurance can be purchased from your preferred insurer. If needed, our agents can help you obtain an insurance quote from a partnering Paris Be A Part Of It insurer.

For short-term rentals

For rentals less than 90 days, you will need a third party risk liability insurance that must cover risks such as fire, water or explosion.
(More details on short term rentals insurance here).

For long-term rentals

"Assurance multirisques habitation" or all-risks insurance is mandatory in France, and requested on check-in day, for rentals more than 90 days.
Have more information on this insurance here or contact your agent ASAP.

The insurance must cover your apartment and your belongings from water, fire, explosion, theft. It should also cover third party risk liability. You can contact your own home insurer to verify coverage against the above mentioned during your stay in France.

Note : Most insurers require separate insurance coverage for more than 3-months stay in a rental apartment. And you must show the owner proof of coverage on arrival day at the latest.

Rent and security deposit

What is a refundable security deposit ?

It’s an amount, requested by owners to cover potential damages incurred by you and your guests. The security deposit is neither a down-payment, nor a rent. Paris Be a Part of It details the security deposit requirements for each property on the website and on the rental agreement.

Security deposit amounts

Security deposit rates are regulated by French law.
Unfurnished apartments require a security deposit equal to maximum of one-month rent. In 2014, the ALUR law confirmed that the security deposit for furnished apartments is not higher than 2 months. Generally, it is between 1 or 2 months’ rent, depending on the length of your stay.

How is the security deposit given and returned?

The security deposit is due on or before the check-in day. Owners decide on the terms of payment (usually bank transfer, cashier‘s check, or payment through Lokim/Paris Be A Part Of It).
The security deposit will be returned within 1 to 2 Months after clearance check out.
The inspection will be done to assess the state of the apartment and any damages.

French law authorizes the deposit to be refunded as late as 2 months after the departure in case of damages, and one month if there’s no issue.

In case of damages, the owner may/will deduct (with a proof of expenses) the exact amount to replace/repair the damaged item.
We strongly advise you to inform the owner as soon as possible if a problem is noticed (broken items, leak etc).
Contact your insurer to determine coverage from damage.

Payment of the rent and security deposit :

Once the apartment is booked, rent and security deposit will be paid directly to the owner unless our agency does the flat managment.

To secure an apartment few weeks or more in advance of your check-in date, a non-refundable down payment will be required.
The balance of the rent will be paid depending on the owner's means of payment usually bank transfer eventually through the agency credit card system (fees may apply).
For last-minute rentals – if your check-in date is few days away -- payment of the rent plus security deposit will have to paid at the latest on your arrival day.

Note : for less than 3-months rentals, owners might require (based on the french law) the full rent (plus security deposit) upon check-in.
Any payment delays on rent or security deposit could result in postponement of your check-in date.

Charges included or not in your Paris apartment rentals :

Utility charges included or not included in monthly rentals.

Electricity / gas : unless otherwise noted in the apartment description on Paris Be A Part Of It (Lokim.com) long term rentals of 1 month or more, the monthly rent does NOT include electricity and/or gas.
Electricity and/or gas will be paid according to your usage (every month, or at the end of the lease depending on the lengths of the stay).

Telephone : telephone charges are never included in the rental price (unless otherwise noted in the apartment ad on our site). If you use the phone line, the owner will send a detailed invoice for telephone charges incurred. Note that most of the internet package do provide a lot of free lines.

In the contract that you will sign, the amount of the charges which are included in the rent will be brought to your attention.
They will be flat-rate or with provision according to the contract type.

Agency fees

For furnished rentals, the agency fee applies as follows (maximum fees) and is based on the length of your rental :

  • Between 2-5 months: agency fee is 50% of 1 month rent.
  • Between 5-10 months: agency fee is 75% of 1 month rent.
  • Between 10-12 months (1 year): 10% of total rent.
  • Over 12 months: 10% of the stay plus 5% of total rent.

For a primary home, in compliance with the ALUR law (March 27th, 2014):
Lease exceeding 8 months, the agency fees will be based on 12 euros/sqm (including VAT) + 3 euros/sqm for the inventory upon check in if the agency is on site.

For unfurnished apartments, agency fees will be based on 12 euros/sqm (including VAT) + 3 euros/sqm for the inventory upon check in if the agency is on site.

Agency fee payment options :

Paris Be A Part Of It accepts the following forms of payment :

  • Credit cards: Visa or Master Card (an additional 1.5% will be charged for bank / credit card fees)
  • Bank transfers: we need to receive by email a copy of the transfer order (bank fees might apply - ask your bank for details)
  • PayPal: PayPal charges you a fee equal to 3.4% + 0.25 cents of the amount to be paid (ask your agent for a PayPal invoice)

Agency fees on rental extensions :

If you extend your rental, an additional pro-rated fee may or may not apply, depending on the total length of your stay, extension included.

For example: If you stay 3 months and you extend the rental of 2 more months to the equivalent of a 5 month stay, no additional fees will apply because your rental length still falls under the “2 to 5 months” rental bracket . If you rented for 7 months, and extend your lease to 1 year, a different agency fee bracket applies.

Lease signing and check-in process

Lease signing:

Once you’ve found a Paris place to rent and presented all required paperwork to secure the booking, a rental commitment will be prepared to be signed by both you, the renter and the apartment owner / landlord.

The document is written and delivered by our agency (our company is a real estate agency with a professional card delivered in Paris since 2005). It is a pro-forma lease that will recap all the conditions and info you will need during your stay in Paris (an English translation can be provided by your agent).

The lease will be signed electronically through a certified system, by the owner, tenant, possible warrantor if needed

Check-in process:

Day and time of your check-in will be organized with your agent, depending on the landlord’s availability and your's.
Your agent will / may be there depending on day and schedule above 6 months lease.
Outstanding payments (as mentioned in the previous section) are due on check-in day.

A move-in / move-out inventory inspection (called the “états des lieux”) will be done at time of check-in.
This inspection is important as you, along with the owner, will review the state of the apartment, and do an inventory of items in the apartment. If after check-in, you find any broken items, contact the owner ASAP.
If nothing is reported, the damage may be considered your responsibility at the check-out inspection

Re-booking, extension or early termination of your stay

Renters must contact Paris Be A Part Of It to re-book or extend a long-term apartment rental. Extension fees will apply and must be paid accordingly (see section on agency fees extensions) .

It is unlawful and a breach of contract to contact apartment owners directly to extend the rental. Apartment owners / landlords have signed a contract with Paris Be A Part Of It rental agents.

If you wish to extend your stay, please let us know ASAP, so that the apartment can be taken off the rental market for the month(s) desired. Once the renewal / extension is approved and finalized by the owner, your Paris Be A Part Of It agent will forward a new contract and invoice (if additional agency fees apply).

Less than a year lease:

In case your commitment is less than a year lease (meaning it’s not your primary home, and the lease ends at the initial time noted on the lease) so the 1 month notice doesn’t apply and the owner can rent to another tenant.

Of course most of them do prefer to extend the stay with the actual tenant. In this case, we would advise you to let us know ASAP when you wish to extend your stay. If the place has been booked in the meantime, our team will do its best to find you an alternative for the remaining part of your stay.

Early termination process:

If the renter needs to end the lease earlier than the agreed and signed length of stay, he should notify the owner by a certify mail ASAP.
We advise you to let your agent know as well so we can quickly put the place on the market.
The notice (for yearly rental lease) is 1 month from the time the owner received the letter, so the tenant will have to pay for this month notice. There’s NO penalty and NO reimbursement of the agency fees.
In case you pre-paid the rent, the owner will returned the unoccupied months portion.


Meeting for the move-out inspection will be settled by the landlord and the renter. Or by our agency if we do managed the apartment you are renting.
The place will have to be left clean and in good conditions.
The document signed when the lease started will be used to check the apartment state, and verify the apartment is in the same conditions.

Your agent will / may be there depending on day and schedule above 6 months lease. Our advice is to prepare this moment in advance, verify is there are small repairs that need to be done.

For major problems, we strongly advise you to contact both your insurance and your landlord during your stay and not to wait the last minute in order to be sure your security deposit will be returned asap.
Owners can legally keep this amount up to 2 months after departure day.
In case of issue with the owner Paris Be A Part Of It, will do its best to assist you and the owner to sort the problem out.
All the legal info will be given, note that many of them will be already written in your lease.

For more information contact us.