Long term rentals terms and conditions

Rental conditions for medium and long term leases.

Lokim real estate agency is since 2005 specialized in the rental of furnished apartments in Paris details its rental conditions.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Stays Month or Year
Reservation / Visit
Agency fees
Length of stay

How to book your apartment in Paris (monthly or yearly rental in Paris)

There are two easy ways to find and book a long-term apartment rental:

Send us your requirements through our contact form (indicate arrival dates, length of stay, desired neighborhood, number of rooms needed, number of people and budget).
One of our agents will send you the available options that meet your needs.
Check our portfolio to find apartments in Paris.
The site allows you to request more details, photos or arrange a visit to the apartment (only for rentals longer than 3 months).
Be sure to check the calendar for availability dates (red indicates dates already booked).
Please note that you can book without a onsite viewing. 

Availability and Notice Information:
Tenants are entitled to renew and can extend their apartment rental up to 1 month before the end of their lease for a student lease (9 months maximum) or any one-year lease.
When looking for apartments more than one month before the desired start date, consider that other apartments may become available one month before the desired start date.
Also consider that landlords may not be able to confirm your availability and commit to a new lease before this one-month limit, unless the tenant has given notice.

Exception: For stays of less than one year (meaning the apartment is not the tenant's primary residence), the lease ends on the dates indicated on the signed document.
The owners or the agent can therefore reserve the apartment more than one month in advance. Of course, we always check with the current tenants if they are ready to renew their lease or not.

Tip: Let us know as soon as possible of your arrival day, be ready about 1 month before your arrival to visit your future apartment in Paris or to book online.

Apartment visits:
Apartment visits will only be arranged for stays longer than 3 months.
Once you have found your ideal apartment, please inform your agent as soon as possible of your availability.
For apartment rentals of less than 3 months, a visit is not possible before your arrival.
Do not hesitate to ask for more pictures of the apartment / virtual visit and to ask your questions. 


a) When you have selected the property that suits you, your agent will confirm the availability of the property(ies) and the possibility of renting it for the duration of the desired lease.
You can then visit the property(ies) according to your availability.
In order to facilitate the process, you will be asked for information about your profile.

b) If an apartment suits you after the visit, send us your file by mail it will then be validated by the agency and studied by the owner.
Do not hesitate to contact us to have the list of the requested documents. 

For candidates without a guarantor or with a less classical file, contact us, our team will help you to establish your file.
It is also possible to subscribe to an unpaid rent insurance by the tenant. More details on our page Tenants without guarantor

After acceptance of your file, a specimen of the lease will be sent to you for review and validation.
Once the lease is validated by all parties (tenant, landlord, possible guarantors) the signature of the lease will be organized by certified electronic signature.

c) Between the signature and your arrival you will receive different elements to : 
To pay the agency fees 
Set up the payment of the security deposit and the rent to the landlord (or to the agency if Lokim is the property manager) and at the latest at the entry in the premises.
A deposit may/will be requested by the owner if your arrival is not immediate.
Your agent will inform you of the payment schedule before the lease is signed.

d) A joint inventory of fixtures and furniture will be made.
On the day you move in, you must be covered by a rental risk insurance (mandatory).
The Lokim agency can advise you on service providers if you wish, contact us. 

Last minute:

If your request is urgent which means you will not be able to follow the steps above, contact us as soon as possible so that we can find the most efficient solution. Note that the conclusion of a rental contract will be faster if your file is ready to be sent.

Duration of stay (monthly rental):

The owners tell us the minimum and/or maximum length of stay for their property. You will find the information on the apartment sheet.

Agency fees / Detailed fees (all taxes included)

The total amount of the agency fees is clearly indicated on our website, next to each apartment rent and on each contract that we send you before signing.
The agency fees for monthly furnished rentals are NEVER included in the posted price.

The agency fees are calculated according to the length of stay and the type of lease:

  • Stay of 3 months to 5 months: maximum of 50% of one month's rent
  • Stay of 5 months to 10 months: maximum 75% of one month's rent
  • Stay of 10 months to 1 year and more: maximum of 10% of the stay
  • Beyond one year, for a lease in a second home, the maximum agency fee is 10% of the annual stay.

For a lease in a main Residence, in accordance with the Alur law (March 27, 2014) or mobility lease: the agent will receive a remuneration from the tenant equal to 12 euros/sqm, including VAT, plus 3 euros/sqm if the agency is present at the inventory of fixtures.

Payment of agency fees:

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit card: Visa, Master Card (bank charges of 1.5%+0.2cts will be added to the total)
  • Bank transfer: the receipt of the transfer will be taken as proof, the bank charges are at the expense of the sender

Payment of the rent to the owner

When Lokim does not manage the rental of the apartment, the rent and the security deposit are paid directly to the owner.
For all properties managed by the agency, the rent will be sent to the agency's management account.

Security deposit: 1 month or 2 months?

Since 2008, the law imposes for empty rentals a maximum deposit of one month.
In 2014, the ALUR law confirms that the security deposit for a Furnished Rental is at most 2 months.
Generally, it oscillates between 1 and 2 months, depending on the duration of the stay, this is indicated on the apartment sheet.
Your agent will always advise you of the amount before any commitment.

This deposit must be received at the latest on the day of your arrival.
The French law authorizes the owner to return the security deposit within a maximum of 2 months after departure (in case of damage, differences noted between arrival and departure), or one month maximum if the property is in the same condition as when you entered the premises. Any deductions made on the amount will be subject to an invoice/visa.
In case of damage during your stay, we strongly advise you to immediately notify your insurance and the owner or the agency if it manages the property in order to determine the amount and the reimbursement, or replacement

Miscellaneous charges:

The rent indicated for rentals NEVER includes electricity or gas (unless specified in the ad).
The cost will be paid directly to the owner according to usage (after meter reading).
For long term rentals, the meter must be put in the name of the tenant.
The telephone is never included unless specified in the ad.

In the lease that you will sign, it will be indicated the amount of the charges included in the rent. These charges will be fixed or in the form of a provision depending on the type of lease you sign.


Insurance covering rental risks is MANDATORY. The insurance certificate must be provided at the latest on the day you move in.
The owner can refuse access to the property if the tenant does not have insurance.

If you wish, a quote can be provided through one of our partners; there is no obligation to go through this company, the tenant has the choice of his insurance company.
More information on rental insurance here.

Duration of the stay

Departure before the scheduled date of the furnished rental:

In Paris, the notice period for the tenant is reduced to 1 month.
The tenant will only pay the rent for the months occupied. On the other hand, no reimbursement of agency fees will be made for an early departure.

Re-renting or extending your stay:

The tenant agrees to contact Lokim and pay an agency fee if he/she wishes to re-rent the chosen apartment or extend the duration of his/her stay.
Contacting the owner directly (when the tenant knows that the owner has a mandate with Lokim) to re-rent a property is against French law.
Additional fees are based on the fees already paid.

Contact your agent for a quote.

Fees for Rentals and Sales see details