Tenants without a guarantor

Solutions for Tenants without Guarantor

Finding accommodation in France can pose challenges, especially for those without a traditional guarantor. However, several solutions are available to tenants to facilitate their access to rental properties. 🏡

The Visale guarantee, offered by Action Logement, is a common option. It covers rent arrears for young professionals under 30 and other tenant profiles, providing an alternative without initial fees. 🛡️

Rental guarantee companies are another option. Acting as a third-party guarantor, they offer contracts with an annual or monthly fee, reassuring property owners. 💼 (Below are the agency LOKIM's partners)

Some landlords accept alternative guarantees such as a bank guarantee, albeit with the inconvenience of freezing a sum in an account. 🔄

In conclusion, although the absence of a guarantor may pose challenges, solutions exist to simplify the search for housing in France. It is recommended for tenants to explore these alternatives and have open communication with landlords/agencies to find arrangements suitable for each situation. 🤝

To facilitate this process, Lokim has selected two trusted partners:
- [Smart Garant]
- [GarantMe] 🌐