Insurance claim department

The Lokim agency has set up a 24/7 assistance service dedicated to its customers in case of real estate damage (water damage, fire, burglary, glass breakage, etc.). 

- To respond more quickly to tenants when a disaster occurs 
- To benefit from the skills of insurance experts to defend the interests of the landlords, to complete the expertise, to flesh out the file and to increase the amount of compensation requested.  

A toll-free number accessible 24/7 managed by a team of experts to declare and track claims.  
Triggering of the necessary emergency measures with our referent craftsmen
(Plumbers, electricians, experts, drying, decontamination, etc.).
Declaration of damage and transmission of documents to insurance companies and experts (declarations, invoices, estimates, photos, costings, etc.).
Management with the concerned third parties AND management of the expertise operations 
(Insurance companies, brokers, experts, neighbors, trustees, etc.) as well as tele-expertise and visio-expertise in order to identify and quantify the damage and prejudice (including loss of rent).
Management of the entire claim until the final compensation.

You benefit from a dedicated team, composed of experts and claims managers, in order to quantify the damage and prejudices resulting from the claims. 
The compensation requested from the experts, insurers and third parties responsible, will be better valued, in order to be able to demand that your apartment be restored to its original condition and that the resulting costs (loss of rent, cleaning costs, drying, decontamination, etc.) be covered.

This service is a major asset for the preservation of your property and your interests. 
For tenants, it is the assurance of having a contact person 24/7 in case of concern. 
This service is dedicated to the apartments we manage. 

SERVICE SINISTRE LOKIM : +331 55 30 11 64 
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