Holiday and home insurance in France

When you rent an apartment in Paris (or in France in general) it is generally mandatory or advisable to check the necessary insurance for a serene stay.

<a href=''>Ville photo créé par wirestock -</a>Temporary or long term home insurance (medium and long term rental). 

In order to help you in your installation, Lokim, in partnership with an insurance broker, offers you a solution in order to provide you with the complete coverage required by law for stays longer than 2 months.  Furnished Multi-risk Home Insurance

When you enter into a rental agreement, you must insure yourself while having the choice of insurance. If you request it, Lokim can provide you with the contacts of other insurance companies.
Note that the owner or the agency, if it manages the property, can refuse to allow you to move in without an insurance certificate.

Vacation rental /short stays : 
If you rent a property anywhere in the world, do not hesitate to check that your liability is insured in case of problems when you rent a property. 
Lokim works with partners who are specialists in these matters. Do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your next vacation: 
Cancellation/Tourist Insurance  

Advice from LOKIM.COM
1- If you already have a home insurance in France, you are probably already covered, inform your insurer of the address of your vacation rental.
We advise you to check that your insurance covers you for rental risks and for property rentals anywhere in the world.
Note that most insurance policies do not cover you for cancellation or interruption of your stay.
2-Ask about your bank's policy, as some banks may cover you for cancellation, lost luggage, flight delays, etc. However, this insurance does not automatically cover everyone, nor does it cover the rental of a property.
3-For French speaking clients without insurance in France, check if your own insurance does not cover you. Compare with the one proposed by
Most contracts require that you have resort insurance (or rental insurance) that covers at least fire, water damage, and explosions.

A landlord may ask for proof of this coverage to accept entry into the premises.

The insurance taken out by the non-occupant owner for his property does not cover the tenant and his liability. 

Insurance for your vacation rental anywhere in France and in the world:

Whether or not you are a client of our agency you can access the guarantees offered by our partner. Holiday insurance also covering cancellation and interruption of stay (with reimbursement of the sums incurred). Click here to discover it.